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    Bobby showing some love to his fans after their question at the panel (and Emilie nodding her most enthusiastic agreement)

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    the #once tags right now


    It’s funny ‘cause it’s true.

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    " It worked! "

    She’s so, so, so happy for hiim……how beautiful is that? Her face, lol - Emilie is brilliant, lol

    Aww my babies…and he really wanted her to go with him, sigh….truly he did………but Belle was going to wait for him, no matter how long it took, and he could look forward to that……..until…..

    I love this scene, I love her face, she’s so excited and happy for him, she looks so beautiful……

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  4. OUaT: By Starlight (11/11)


    AO3 link.  Belle French and Anton Gold’s separate orbits collide when he catches her stargazing on his lakefront property outside of Storybrooke.  ((Thanks for reading and enjoying!))

    I really enjoyed this story. Thank you for posting ;)  

  5. because season 4 better have the famous dance

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    Wouldn’t Elsa’s bottle be in Gold’s shop in Storybrooke? Would this cause some kind of paradox?”

    He said to Belle: “I left that vault and all its dangers behind.” 

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    Disliking a ship is okay, disliking somone is okay, but disliking someone because of a ship is not. We are all adults or young adults here, and we are still throwing rocks at each other as if we were still in kindergarden. 

    I know there’s assholes everywhere spreading hate, but sometimes there is misundertandings and the anger grows and grows.. 

    So if you can just respect some basics rules :

    • Tag your ships so everyone’s dash can be perfect. You’ll also avoid unfollows.
    • Don’t tag your opinion on a ship with the ship’s name if this opinion contains insults, hate, or angry comments.
    • You can tag it when you have a question towards the shippers of another ship, and you just want a discussion. 

    Other basics rules kind of off topic but still important :

    • Don’t send hate to the cast or the writers because you don’t agree with the show. Adam answers kindly if the question is also kind.
    •  Don’t send hate. Ever. To anyone.

    In fact, you can even try to have a talk with other shippers, send nice things. Start your ask by “I’m a [ship name] shipper, and I [question/compliment]”. And why not also add “#StopShipWars" on twitter and send nice tweets to each other ?

    Just try, okay ?

    Love you all ♥

    - Maryne.

    (ps : sorry I couldn’t put every ships in there, first because jeez there’s too many, and also because drawing puzzle pieces is a pain in the ass :D)

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